4 Significant Mobile Payment Trends in 2017

The rise in ownership and usage of mobile devices has led to the introduction of convenient services, such as mobile payment solutions that allow users to make payment transactions via their smartphones. Mobile technology are now being used by enterprises and banks to maximise the Internet of Things to widen their market reach and provide clients with a fast and convenient payment option. By 2020, mPayment technology will be a standard mode of payment. According to research conducted by Visa, customers will be more comfortable using their mobile devices in paying at physical stores and virtual shops and could potentially

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PayNow mentioned by Mike Gingerich

PayNow was mentioned in a couple of articles by Mike Gingerich when discussing options for Taking stripe payments in person and the fact that Stripe turns cell phones into cash registers. We’re grateful that our app is being noticed and highlighted as a recommended option for Stripe users. Thanks Mike!

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You Can Now Use Your Stripe Account With Your Phone For Point Of Sale Credit Card Payments

Did you realise that if you have an active Stripe account you can use it to also take mobile payments on the go via your phone? You can use your Android or iOS device with PayNow and start making payments within minutes. The app also uses NFC technology to make payments as easy as tapping the payer’s card against your phone. PayNow links to your Stripe account and allows you to take payments just as if they were on your website. They all go via the same dashboard and into the same nominated bank account. Our app only charges 10

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Cell Phone Credit Card Processing For Small Businesses

PayNow for Stripe is a solution that helps small businesses accept credit card payments from their mobile cell or smart phone. It allows you to avoid the need for buying payment processing terminals and the monthly fees. You do however require a Stripe account, which is free to set up and can allow you to process payments directly from your phone to your bank account within days. Some of the more popular industries that use our app are: Massage therapy Taxi & Private Chauffeur Photographers Breweries Retail stores Fitness trainers & personal trainers Travel companies Event companies And many more!

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Trash your cash, but is plastic fantastic?

Trash your cash, but is plastic fantastic? Growth in mobile smartphone payments is clear. We all know that cash is becoming more and more obsolete in this modern age where digital payment technology and apps, like PayNow for Stripe, rule the roost. In fact, recent studies show that cash purchases in developed countries such as Canada will account for as little as 10% of money spent in 2030. These trends are most noticeable in young age brackets, where as much as 47% of people say they would use a mobile wallet if it was accessible on their current phone. Consistent

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NFC on the Apple iPhone

NFC on the Apple iPhone An explanation for Mobile POS app users iPhone models from iPhone 6 forward have NFC technology built in. However, Apple’s NFC technology currently only works one way – you can SEND payments (ie Apple Pay) but you cannot RECEIVE payments (nor READ any sort of NFC tag). There’s also no current access for developers to the NFC technology on iOS. As with all things Apple, there’s plenty of debate about whether Apple will open up access to the NFC controller within the iPhone or indeed whether the iPhone 6 is even capable of reading NFC tags

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PayNow app arrives to iOS!

I am pleased to announce that PayNow for Stripe is now available for iOS! Click here to grab PayNow app on the App Store. The PayNow app has met with amazing success and great feedback from our loyal and enthusiastic Android users. I’m excited that we can now offer the app to iOS users, and I look forward to seeing how it performs on the i-side! As a developer I’m always keen to hear real-world feedback from users so if you have any suggestions, questions or comments please feel free to drop me a line. I really hope you like the app and

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Android Update v1.4

Today we released a minor update to PayNow app for Android. Users are encouraged to upgrade to take advantage of the enhancements.  New users or existing users connecting new devices to the service will find the Connect flow on Settings screen greatly improved. What’s New in 1.4 Stripe Connect flow has been improved to avoid manual API keys Email and description fields are now optional Added EULA Bug fix: no internet available notification

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PayNow App in Your Language

Until now, PayNow app has only been available in English. But we have embarked on the task of translation to more languages.  If you are able to help us with translation please visit this link. You can help by fixing any issues with a translation, or add a translation for your language. You don’t have to know any code, and it’s a fantastic way to contribute to the project. A huge thank you to all the translators who have helped us out so far.

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