How small businesses can beat rising costs

The rising cost of living has been a hot topic across the world for some time now, and small businesses are feeling the pinch. Perhaps more so than larger businesses and corporations, who might have the finances and backup plans in place to keep them afloat as prices soar.

A number of small businesses across the world are coming up with innovative ways to cut costs and keep up with inflation; from food vans growing their own produce to moving a physical store solely online as we can see from these in South Australia.

While there are lots of innovative ways you can negate the rising cost of living, you’re already doing one of them. Using PayNow and PayNowlink is the ideal way to keep costs down, as the fees charged by our app are much lower than other EFTPOS methods and banks.

With the ability to take payments in over 135 currencies, high security and ease of invoicing with links and QR codes, taking payment for your goods and services is one less thing to have to worry about.

Jen B Marketing manager