QR code feature release on PayNowlink

You might remember a few months ago we asked you, our loyal users, whether you’d like to see a QR code feature in our PayNowlink app. Based on your feedback we decided to provide the best of both worlds. You now have the option to send your customers a QR code or to use the much loved original functionality of sending a link.

If you’re a PayNowlink user you can toggle between link and QR mode via App Settings in the updated version of the app.

How to use the QR code feature

It’s super easy to switch between sending a link and sending a QR code. Navigate to the ‘App Settings’ screen of the app. Click on the slider next to the heading ‘Generate’ to select whether you send your customer a QR code or URL link.

Once you generate the QR code with the app, you have several options.

  • Show it to your customer in person on your mobile device for them to scan using the camera of their phone. This will send them to the payment page to complete their transaction with you.
  • Alternatively, click ‘Share’ and send the QR code to your customer by text message, email or any other format you would otherwise use to send a link.
  • If you want to get really creative, you could even download the QR code and use it on promotional material you create for print or digital advertising. Think posters for events or a stand at a market stall for your popular products and more!

What is a QR code anyway?

The term ‘QR’ stands for ‘quick response’ and refers to instant access to the information contained in the code. In short, it’s an evolution of the traditional barcode, made up of patterns of black and white pixels.

Now that smartphones are everywhere, QR codes have gained great popularity, due to their versatility and accessibility. They are commonly used by people to receive payments from clients, share links to web pages, catalogs and price lists, receive comments on products or services or even order a cocktail at your local bar. QR codes are now a common form of data communication and consumers are super comfortable with them.

What if you don’t have PayNowlink?

If you’re not a PayNowlink user, you should be! Our sister app to PayNow makes online payments just as easy as in-person payments with a link that never expires that you can send via email or in a message — however you want to use it.

If you want to get PayNowlink, you can download it from Google Play or Apple.

Jen B Marketing manager