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PayNow Adds Fingerprint Login

At PayNow we are constantly looking for ways to make our mobile payments app more convenient, efficient and secure. Today, we are pleased to announce the release of fingerprint login into the PayNow app. What is Fingerprint ID? Many of the latest smartphones and devices enable Fingerprint ID which involves placing a finger or thumb on a camera sensor which registers the fingerprint on the device to allow access. This type of technology was created to protect sensitive data as is considered more robust than the traditional code access. Now when you use the PayNow app you can use Fingerprint

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Why We Changed Our Pricing Model

Our pricing is changing It’s no secret that the PayNow team are big fans of Stripe! We launched our app two years ago because we needed a way to process mobile payments, and thought that others might too. Today, many thousands of merchants use our application on a daily basis. We are thrilled that so many customers are choosing to use PayNow, however, our team spends many hours each day helping our customers get the most out of their Stripe payment processing. Due to the increasing workload, we’re announcing a pricing change today that will enable us to continue to

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PayNow mentioned by Mike Gingerich

PayNow was mentioned in a couple of articles by Mike Gingerich when discussing options for Taking stripe payments in person and the fact that Stripe turns cell phones into cash registers. We’re grateful that our app is being noticed and highlighted as a recommended option for Stripe users. Thanks Mike!

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PayNow featured by Inside Small Business

The team at Inside Small Business have featured us in a recent article within their technology category. Feel free to check out the article here: Globally popular mobile payments app developed by accident

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NFC on the Apple iPhone

NFC on the Apple iPhone An explanation for Mobile POS app users iPhone models from iPhone 6 forward have NFC technology built in. However, Apple’s NFC technology currently only works one way – you can SEND payments (ie Apple Pay) but you cannot RECEIVE payments (nor READ any sort of NFC tag). There’s also no current access for developers to the NFC technology on iOS. As with all things Apple, there’s plenty of debate about whether Apple will open up access to the NFC controller within the iPhone or indeed whether the iPhone 6 is even capable of reading NFC tags

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PayNow app arrives to iOS!

I am pleased to announce that PayNow for Stripe is now available for iOS! Click here to grab PayNow app on the App Store. The PayNow app has met with amazing success and great feedback from our loyal and enthusiastic Android users. I’m excited that we can now offer the app to iOS users, and I look forward to seeing how it performs on the i-side! As a developer I’m always keen to hear real-world feedback from users so if you have any suggestions, questions or comments please feel free to drop me a line. I really hope you like the app and

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PayNow App featured in WA Business News

We are thrilled to be featured by WA Business News as app/tech startup of the week. PayNow for Stripe launched in July 2016 and is ranked #3 in BNiQ Startups list. You can read the full article here.  

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Android Update v1.4

Today we released a minor update to PayNow app for Android. Users are encouraged to upgrade to take advantage of the enhancements.  New users or existing users connecting new devices to the service will find the Connect flow on Settings screen greatly improved. What’s New in 1.4 Stripe Connect flow has been improved to avoid manual API keys Email and description fields are now optional Added EULA Bug fix: no internet available notification

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PayNow App in Your Language

Until now, PayNow app has only been available in English. But we have embarked on the task of translation to more languages.  If you are able to help us with translation please visit this link. You can help by fixing any issues with a translation, or add a translation for your language. You don’t have to know any code, and it’s a fantastic way to contribute to the project. A huge thank you to all the translators who have helped us out so far.

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