October News Round-up

Welcome to the PayNow and PayNowlink October round-up of small business, EFTPOS and technology news around the world. Something you want to hear about? Let us know at [email protected]

How Small Businesses Can Save the Planet

Ever wanted to be an eco-warrior? Now you can! According to this article, small businesses can become net-zero enablers and influencers by accelerating emissions reduction planning and monitoring; using cleaner technologies, products and practises; advocating for decarbonisation and sustainability; and developing and expanding product and servicing provision.
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It’s All About Balance

You might think you have a great work–life balance, but recent reports show small business owners are some of the worst when it comes to prioritising ‘me time’. The top tips for restoring equilibrium? Take time off work to travel, recharge and get newly inspired, and set firm boundaries between work and leisure time.
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In the Red

Aussie small business owners are earning less than their employees in some cases. A report has found that many are making zero profit due to rising costs and government red tape which has hit those who employ people on Australian work visas particularly hard.
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High Fliers

American Airlines has shaken up its loyalty program to benefit small businesses by creating the Aadvantage Business program. For every $1 spent, businesses earn 1 Aadvantage mile to redeem on travel rather than having to convert points. Meaning small businesses can send employees on their way much more easily and cheaply.
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Pot of Gold

Over the last decade, Irish businesses have processed more than €20 billion on Stripe – compelling evidence that Ireland’s internet economy has boomed in this period. It’s not all national wealth either, as more than 56% has come from international business transactions. Much of this is down to more homegrown startups having access to a more established venture capital ecosystem, a well-trained talent pool of employees and experienced, innovative founders.
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