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Celebrating Cities

Aside from being Halloween, the 31st October also marks World Cities Day. This worldwide celebration of our thriving urban centres is the perfect chance to take a moment to appreciate your favourite city space. Here at PayNow, we can’t pick a favourite – which is why our apps let you take payments in over 135 […]

The Perfect Way to Find Peace

Thursday 21 September this year marks the International Day of Peace, and we’re not just talking ending the war over who gets the TV remote. In an increasingly busy world it can be hard not to come across tension and conflict, especially in business. Whether it’s payment disputes, employer/employee relations or the relentless buzz of […]

How do you care for yourself?

As small business owners, sole traders and CEOs our focus is always on taking care of our companies. Whether that be looking after employees, making sure our social media accounts are top notch or working to make our finances healthy. But how often do you stop to consider your own health and wellbeing? International Self […]

June News Round-up

Welcome to the PayNow and PayNowlink June round-up of small business, EFTPOS and technology news around the world. Something you want to hear about? Let us know at [email protected] How one business saved 2,700 working hours using AI An accounting firm in Australia has saved 2,700 working hours in six months without anyone losing their job […]

Welcome to our May news round-up

Welcome to the PayNow and PayNowlink May round-up of small business, EFTPOS and technology news. Something you want to hear about? Let us know at [email protected] Negotiating business among rising costs The Guardian reports that the cost of living squeeze is holding back small businesses in the UK – an issue also affecting business owners across […]

You and AI

It’s likely you’ve seen something in the news recently about ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot that launched in November 2022. Aside from throwing up questions of how it can negatively impact things such as education (AI-written essays, anyone?) and creativity (is the first AI-written novel on the cards?), there are plenty of positives when […]

How’s your work—life balance?

The 7th of April marked World Health Day and while many of us are great at things like eating enough fruit and veg, getting exercise or going to see a doctor when we’re sick, there are still lots of other things you can do to run a business and stay healthy. The New York Post […]

Customer Spotlight: Jen Fix – Mobile Tech Consultant

We all love our technology……when it’s working! When you run a small business and your computer fails it can scream disaster! That’s when Jen Fix will come to the rescue. Jennifer is a mobile tech consultant who will respond to your technology failures and general challenges within hours. She has been operating Jen Fix for […]

Customer Spotlight: T. Woods Plumbing

Meet Tony Woods – plumber for the people! No one really notices the plumbing in their house until it stops working. Tony Woods has been in the plumbing industry for over 20 years installing, maintaining and repairing residential pipes for bathrooms, kitchens and home drainage. As a small owner operator business Tony usually works on […]