Customer Spotlight: Jen Fix – Mobile Tech Consultant

We all love our technology……when it’s working! When you run a small business and your computer fails it can scream disaster! That’s when Jen Fix will come to the rescue. Jennifer is a mobile tech consultant who will respond to your technology failures and general challenges within hours. She has been operating Jen Fix for 3 years now and demand for her service is as high as ever.

How did your business journey begin?

While completing my university studies I started helping other students and my mum’s friends get their computers and devices operating, as they should. I would trouble shoot problems, create networks, install software and make printers work. When university was completed I started applying for jobs and continued to help friends and family with their computer issues. After a couple of months a friend suggested that I should just start a consulting business doing what I was already doing. And so the business was born.

What was the biggest hurdle you faced when starting the business?

It would have to be charging a fair rate for my tech skills. I spent a lot of time creating a business plan and branding however some friends still wanted my services for a reduced rate. I quickly learned that I needed to promote myself beyond my current network and focus on small businesses in my area. Often people running a small business don’t always have the computer skills to get their home offices up and running and they don’t know where to turn when things go wrong. It didn’t take long for my first couple of new clients to recommend me to their networks and now I have a constant flow of business in my local area.

Describe your typical working day?

Usually I have a couple of appointments already booked in each day, however my phone can ring any time with emergencies. I tend to always pick up each call and juggle my appointments to fit everyone in. I travel to each appointment, which might be a person’s home or small business premises. I assess the job first, provide a quote to the client and get to work on fixing the issues. Maintaining contact with all of the clients and providing great service is the key to making the business thrive.

What business tools & technology have you adopted to run your business effectively?

My car is full of hardware that I may need and my trusty laptop helps me solve most things from a software perspective. I have implemented a cloud based accounting & invoicing system that I can access from anywhere. I have adopted PayNow as my convenient mobile payment option as it allows me to collect payment on the spot at each appointment. I find PayNow easy to use and love that it supports NFC paypass tap payments and is highly secure by using the Stripe payments platform. Other tools include a task management system and online bookings. Being a mobile consultant I need to have access to all my business systems from anywhere at anytime.

Jo Coveney is a passionate photographer and online marketing content creator. She loves following the latest developments in technology and design trends across the globe.