How do you care for yourself?

As small business owners, sole traders and CEOs our focus is always on taking care of our companies. Whether that be looking after employees, making sure our social media accounts are top notch or working to make our finances healthy. But how often do you stop to consider your own health and wellbeing?

International Self Care Day lands on 24 July, and offers a chance for you to stop and reflect on just how much energy you put into keeping yourself as tip-top as your business. Whether that be taking time out for a manicure or a walk out in the fresh air, it’s a fact that you’ll do your best work when your batteries are fully charged.

Luckily, by using PayNow and PayNowlink, you’re already making your life easier. With super-easy payment options, low fees and great security you can let that side of your business take care of itself, which leaves more time to focus on you and take that well earned break. What’s your go-to form of self care?

Jen B Marketing manager