How eco-friendly is your business?

It seems like everyone is talking about sustainability these days; whether it be world leaders debating how to tackle climate change, supermarkets making paper bags more readily available or even schoolkids learning how to grow their own veggies.

One thing is for sure, if your business is eco-conscious it is guaranteed to look good to your customers.

Stripe recently announced a partnership with car manufacturer Toyota, who are working to help local repair shops reuse specialised equipment needed to service vehicles. Toyota partnered with Stripe Connect to help make business transactions of these high-value items simple and easy, and enabling these parts to be recycled.

But what has this got to do with you? Well, if you’re using PayNow and PayNowlink then you’ve already made one step towards reducing your impact on the environment. You can use PayNowlink to send a payment link that never expires, removing the need to physically go to your client or send a paper invoice. Plus, both of our payment apps reduce the need for paper receipts by sending digital ones. Carbon footprint? Not with PayNow.

Now you know your business is a little more environmentally conscious than you might have guessed, consider bragging about it! Click the button below to grab a free ‘cards accepted’ sign to display whenever you take card payments.

Jen B Marketing manager