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You and AI

It’s likely you’ve seen something in the news recently about ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot that launched in November 2022. Aside from throwing up questions of how it can negatively impact things such as education (AI-written essays, anyone?) and creativity (is the first AI-written novel on the cards?), there are plenty of positives when […]

The future is online

It might seem obvious, but Internet commerce is on the rise, according to Stripe. In an article dedicated to exploring the changes in ecommerce and online business, it was noted that 92% of companies incorporating with Stripe Atlas are based outside of Silicon Valley, and 43% are led by first-time entrepreneurs. Newsflash, that’s you, our […]

How eco-friendly is your business?

It seems like everyone is talking about sustainability these days; whether it be world leaders debating how to tackle climate change, supermarkets making paper bags more readily available or even schoolkids learning how to grow their own veggies. One thing is for sure, if your business is eco-conscious it is guaranteed to look good to […]