Optimise your Mothers Day market stall

Mothers Day was officially declared to be the second Sunday in May in the United States in 1914 after long campaigning from a peace activist named Ann Jarvis who cared for wounded soldiers during the American Civil War. It was not until 1924 that the first Mother’s Day was held in Australia.

From the early 1920’s the commercialization of Mother’s Day began to grow and it is now considered one of the biggest trading events of the year.  Close to $2billion dollars is spent in Australia, 1.4 billion pounds in the United Kingdom and $21.4billion dollars in the United States celebrating the event.

Mother’s Day Market Stall

One of the most popular locations in Australia to purchase Mother’s Day gifts is at the local community markets. Thousands of markets are held in all corners of the country in the lead up to Mother’s Day selling crafted gifts, flowers and chocolates just to name a few. We have collated some tips on how you can optimise your market stall this Mother’s Day and maximise your sales.

Tip 1 – First Impressions Count

Your market stall should be inviting to passers by. You need to drawn them in and ensure items are eye catching and not over accessorised or cluttered. Customers should be able to easily look at items, pick them up or try them on.

Highlight pieces that create a “wow” factor and display your highest turnover items prominently on the stall. Combine height displays with those on a table so that everything can be seen standing away from the stall.

Ensure your stall compliments your products, ie. vintage feel with vintage clothing. Research other craft markets and events and get creative with furniture, backdrops and props to enhance your display. If your product can be worn, wear it. Provide demonstrations at the stall to show functionality.

If you’re a regular stall holder mix up your display so that regular customers return and don’t just walk past because they are looking for something new.  Always be approachable and have a good attitude. Always make an effort to greet your customers with a smile.

Tip 2 – Offer multiple payment options

Don’t miss a sale because you only take cash or don’t have enough change on hand. Traditionally cash has been the most common way of purchasing items at markets however the ability to take electronic payments is becoming increasingly popular.

Hiring mobile eftpos terminals can be expensive so look to cheaper secure alternatives like mobile payment apps such as PayNow for Stripe. Using your mobile phone you can process credit card payments quickly, easily and safely.

If you offer these payment options make sure you let your customers know via a sign on your stall so it makes it easier for customers to purchase from you.

Tip 3 – Brand Recognition

Ensure your customers and passersby remember your brand. Have appropriate signage on your stall and your product that is visible and recognisable. Ensure your branding is consistent across all products on offer.

Have business cards and flyers available for customers to take away that advertise your website, online store and social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and Pintrest. Sometimes customers like to purchase at a later date so make sure they can contact you. Create a mailing list signup sheet so that you can continue your engagement with your customers after the market.

Include signage on your stall with your social media details and official hash tags to take advantage of the increased following you’ll get at the market.

Overall markets are fantastic way to interact directly with your potential customers and make significant business connections. Our tips provide a foundation to optimising your market stall in time for one of the most significant trading days of the year, Mother’s Day.

Jo Coveney is a passionate photographer and online marketing content creator. She loves following the latest developments in technology and design trends across the globe.