Why We Changed Our Pricing Model

Our pricing is changing

It’s no secret that the PayNow team are big fans of Stripe! We launched our app two years ago because we needed a way to process mobile payments, and thought that others might too. Today, many thousands of merchants use our application on a daily basis.

We are thrilled that so many customers are choosing to use PayNow, however, our team spends many hours each day helping our customers get the most out of their Stripe payment processing. Due to the increasing workload, we’re announcing a pricing change today that will enable us to continue to deliver a high quality app, and top notch customer service.

What is changing?

Currently, PayNow takes a flat fee of 10c per transaction. This will be changing to a 0.5% fee per transaction, as of the 1st July. This pricing remains very competitive, whilst providing the resources necessary for us to continue to develop and support the app, to directly benefit you, our customers.

What other features will customers receive as a result of this change?

  • We are excited to announce that ApplePay and Android Pay support has been added. This will be released as an update to the application within the next few days subject to store approval.
  • New security features to mask card details as they’re entered into the app have also been added to the upcoming release.
  • Several exciting major features have been road-mapped for development over the next 6 months, including a much requested “send payment request” function (send your customers an instant invoice). Keep an eye on our blog for a sneak peak at that soon.

A final word

We are very grateful for all the support we’ve received from you, our customers. As fellow Stripe users and advocates, we will continue to help you by making payment processing easier, and we wish you all the best with the growth of your organisation.

Maeve Lander is an experienced software engineer from Western Australia, and founder of PayNow. Outside of work, she loves rock climbing, and is a keen musician (jazz trumpet).