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Tips for planning your Christmas marketing

With Christmas fast approaching have you got your marketing plan ready? Every decent marketing consultant will tell you to plan early to gain maximum traction and leverage over the Christmas holiday season. This is one of the biggest shopping periods every year that just cannot be missed. In 2018 shoppers in the United States spent over $1 trillion on Christmas gifts. Shoppers in the United Kingdom topped 2 billion pounds in the same period.  At PayNow we have assembled our top tips for your Christmas marketing this season.  OPENING HOURS Update all of your Christmas opening hours on all marketing touch points to keep

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Why accepting cash is costing your business money

It is no surprise that the speed, ease and convenience of card payments is overtaking the traditional cash payment method in many parts of the world. A 2017 survey conducted by The Reserve Bank of Australia showed that for the first time credit and debit cards — especially of the “tap and go” variety — had overtaken cash payments in Australia. Many other countries are mirroring this trend. Sweden is by far the country with the biggest uptake of cashless payment technology with only 15% of payments involving cash in 2018.  Let’s take a look at some of the reasons

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Apps to Assist Your Business

With so many apps in the market place it’s hard to know which ones will actually help you run your business better. The PayNow team have assembled this list of apps that we believe can assist your business to run effectively and save you some time. This is by no means an exhaustive list but will hopefully provide some options to trial and see if they work for you.  Payments – PayNow We wouldn’t want to start without mentioning our very own PayNow app. This app allows you to charge a customer’s credit card quickly and easily using your mobile

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Keeping things simple in your business

At some point in your life you would have had the advice – Keep it Simple. However it is not always easy to take this advice on board, especially when it comes down to business. It is human nature to complicate things. We think it highlights our intelligence and abilities to others if we can come up with new original ideas. Sometimes even the best decision makers will over look the simple or obvious solutions because they are instead trying to apply their fantastic problem solving skills and entrepreneurial thinking to every situation. By keeping your business simple, everyone understands

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Review and Refresh Your Business Branding

What is branding? Your business brand is your identity and your message. It’s the package you put out to your customers. It reflects what your business is about, what it stands for and how it does business. It makes your business stand out in the crowd and should be recognisable to your customer base. Your branding includes your visual identity (colors, fonts, images), tone and personality of communication and should be consistent across the whole business. Why is branding so important? Branding is a fundamental way to market your business and can influence how people perceive your product or service,

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Creating Goals for your Business this Financial Year

Most small business owners would agree that goal setting is integral to business success, however in reality, not many have concrete goals written down to help guide their business from year to year. At any stage of the business lifecycle goals are needed to keep your business moving forward and growing, sustaining motivation through achievement of objectives and tracking and celebrating successes. Goal setting doesn’t need to be a long and complicated process. At the heart of it, a goal is simply something to aim for. By going through the process of setting goals (or things to aim for) you

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Let Your Customers Know You Take Card Payments

With customers expecting more diverse payment options, we wanted to make sure that we provided a way for you to let your customers know that you accept card payments. We’re aware that our users use our app across a diverse range of segments. We looked into the idea of providing plaques or hard-signage, but realised that in the end, the person who knows your business best is you! That’s why we’ve designed a simple, standard-format sign that you can display at your business in the most effective way possible. Click here to download PDF. As always, if you have any

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You Can Now Use Your Stripe Account With Your Phone For Point Of Sale Credit Card Payments

Did you realise that if you have an active Stripe account you can use it to also take mobile payments on the go via your phone? You can use your Android or iOS device with PayNow and start making payments within minutes. The app also uses NFC technology to make payments as easy as tapping the payer’s card against your phone. PayNow links to your Stripe account and allows you to take payments just as if they were on your website. They all go via the same dashboard and into the same nominated bank account. Our app only charges 10

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Cell Phone Credit Card Processing For Small Businesses

PayNow for Stripe is a solution that helps small businesses accept credit card payments from their mobile cell or smart phone. It allows you to avoid the need for buying payment processing terminals and the monthly fees. You do however require a Stripe account, which is free to set up and can allow you to process payments directly from your phone to your bank account within days. Some of the more popular industries that use our app are: Massage therapy Taxi & Private Chauffeur Photographers Breweries Retail stores Fitness trainers & personal trainers Travel companies Event companies And many more!

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