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Customer spotlight: Peter from Wire Industrial & Marine

Welcome to the first of our customer spotlights. This month we’d like to introduce you to Peter from Wire Industrial and Marine based in New South Wales, Australia. I first started to use PayNow when PayPal shut down its credit card payment solution for use by tradies. When looking for a solution, I came across PayNow.  PayNow has been a breath of fresh air. You don’t realise what a pain in the neck other payment systems are until you deal with a professional operation like this one.  I have two business avenues where I use this payment solution. I’m a plumber by

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Customer Spotlight: Jet Resin Jewellery

After getting a bead making kit for her 13th birthday Sophie had found her passion – making jewellery! In her teens she made all kinds of beaded necklaces, earrings and bracelets for her friends and family. In her last year at school she was introduced to resin, a composite style plastic, that can be moulded into any number of shapes and forms and is incredibly strong. This began Sophies continuing creative experiment with using resin to produce unique pieces of jewellery.  How did your business journey begin? At first, I created a small amount of jewellery pieces and attended small local

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Customer Spotlight: Adora Ceramics

5 years ago Sally left her demanding marketing job to pursue her love of ceramics and create a minimalist lifestyle away from the city. Ceramics had always been a hobby and it took over 12 months to decide that a change of direction was required. Once the decision was made Sally began her transition from executive to artist.   How did your business journey begin? After many hours of contemplation, I realised that the fast-paced city life was no longer for me. I attended a weekend arts festival on the outskirts of the city and discovered a whole community of people

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Customer Spotlight: Jen Fix – Mobile Tech Consultant

We all love our technology……when it’s working! When you run a small business and your computer fails it can scream disaster! That’s when Jen Fix will come to the rescue. Jennifer is a mobile tech consultant who will respond to your technology failures and general challenges within hours. She has been operating Jen Fix for 3 years now and demand for her service is as high as ever. How did your business journey begin? While completing my university studies I started helping other students and my mum’s friends get their computers and devices operating, as they should. I would trouble

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Customer Spotlight: T. Woods Plumbing

Meet Tony Woods – plumber for the people! No one really notices the plumbing in their house until it stops working. Tony Woods has been in the plumbing industry for over 20 years installing, maintaining and repairing residential pipes for bathrooms, kitchens and home drainage. As a small owner operator business Tony usually works on his own to service his local clients. He maintains a steady flow of work throughout the year and many of his clients contact him after being recommended by previous clients. We caught up with Tony to find out more of his story, and to see how

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Customer Spotlight: Lavenlair Farm

From tech to agri-business: meet Diane & David, lavender farmers! Diane and David quit their city jobs to make a go of agri-business, now proud owner/operators of a lavender farm! They sell a range of boutique products both online, and at market locations in the surrounding area. Lavenlair farm is a beautiful and relaxing spot located in the rolling hills of the Champlain Valley of New York, USA.  We caught up with Diane to find out more of their story, and to see how they’re using PayNow in their business. Tell me more about Lavenlair Farm? Lavenlair Farm is an

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