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Waste not, want not

The future is looking a little greener these days, with multiple businesses – big and small – taking time to focus on how they can be more sustainable. Regardless of the industry you’re in, this article by Stripe explains how marketplaces are starting to power the circular economy and focus on how waste products from one company […]

QR code feature release on PayNowlink

You might remember a few months ago we asked you, our loyal users, whether you’d like to see a QR code feature in our PayNowlink app. Based on your feedback we decided to provide the best of both worlds. You now have the option to send your customers a QR code or to use the much loved original functionality […]

You and AI

It’s likely you’ve seen something in the news recently about ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot that launched in November 2022. Aside from throwing up questions of how it can negatively impact things such as education (AI-written essays, anyone?) and creativity (is the first AI-written novel on the cards?), there are plenty of positives when […]

How’s your work—life balance?

The 7th of April marked World Health Day and while many of us are great at things like eating enough fruit and veg, getting exercise or going to see a doctor when we’re sick, there are still lots of other things you can do to run a business and stay healthy. The New York Post […]

The future is online

It might seem obvious, but Internet commerce is on the rise, according to Stripe. In an article dedicated to exploring the changes in ecommerce and online business, it was noted that 92% of companies incorporating with Stripe Atlas are based outside of Silicon Valley, and 43% are led by first-time entrepreneurs. Newsflash, that’s you, our […]

Here come the girls!

As today marks International Women’s Day, we thought this would be the perfect chance to acknowledge all those women out there who are killing it in the business world – including the kick-ass females on our own team. Forbes reported at the end of last year that one third of high-growth businesses are now run […]

Customer Spotlight: Julie & Tash

This month Julie, from mother and daughter duo Julie & Tash, is in our customer spotlight. At Julie and Tash, we help highly sensitive people manage their energetic boundaries so they don’t burn out trying to help everyone else at the expense of their own wellbeing. We sell coaching, books, card decks and meditation programs on […]

Customer Spotlight: Wendy from Orange Grove

This month, Wendy from Orange Grove luxury candles and bath products based in New Zealand is in our Customer Spotlight.  Orange Grove was born in a real orange grove in Kerikeri, Northland, NZ about six years ago and we’re now located in another happy orange grove in Christchurch. Two years ago – when Covid and chronic arthritic […]

How eco-friendly is your business?

It seems like everyone is talking about sustainability these days; whether it be world leaders debating how to tackle climate change, supermarkets making paper bags more readily available or even schoolkids learning how to grow their own veggies. One thing is for sure, if your business is eco-conscious it is guaranteed to look good to […]

Keep your business ‘appy

Whether you’re a small independent business, a franchise or a side-hustler, it’s likely that you’re using apps and other digital methods to keep that cash flow coming. It could be anything from updating Instagram, creating invoices in Xero or sending out an e-newsletter to your thousands of adoring subscribers through Mailchimp. Gone are the days […]