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Customer Spotlight: Julie & Tash

This month Julie, from mother and daughter duo Julie & Tash, is in our customer spotlight. At Julie and Tash, we help highly sensitive people manage their energetic boundaries so they don’t burn out trying to help everyone else at the expense of their own wellbeing. We sell coaching, books, card decks and meditation programs on our website, at festivals and at conferences. I used to have an EFTPOS machine and found the monthly fees very painful. Back in 2019, I was researching a better way to take payments at the upcoming Mind, Body, Spirit Festival and PayNow stood out

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Customer Spotlight: Wendy from Orange Grove

This month, Wendy from Orange Grove luxury candles and bath products based in New Zealand is in our Customer Spotlight.  Orange Grove was born in a real orange grove in Kerikeri, Northland, NZ about six years ago and we’re now located in another happy orange grove in Christchurch. Two years ago – when Covid and chronic arthritic pain made running my photography business impossible – I did a pivot and turned my previous hobby of soap and candle making into a small business.  Soon after, I opened an online shop. I produce luxury candles, natural skin and bath products, all

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How eco-friendly is your business?

It seems like everyone is talking about sustainability these days; whether it be world leaders debating how to tackle climate change, supermarkets making paper bags more readily available or even schoolkids learning how to grow their own veggies. One thing is for sure, if your business is eco-conscious it is guaranteed to look good to your customers. Stripe recently announced a partnership with car manufacturer Toyota, who are working to help local repair shops reuse specialised equipment needed to service vehicles. Toyota partnered with Stripe Connect to help make business transactions of these high-value items simple and easy, and enabling

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Keep your business ‘appy

Whether you’re a small independent business, a franchise or a side-hustler, it’s likely that you’re using apps and other digital methods to keep that cash flow coming. It could be anything from updating Instagram, creating invoices in Xero or sending out an e-newsletter to your thousands of adoring subscribers through Mailchimp. Gone are the days when you’d have to sit at your desk and work from a laptop; modern business is much more about utilising the multitude and diversity of apps that are available to do business on-the-go anywhere, at any time. That means you need access to everything as

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Customer spotlight: Peter from Wire Industrial & Marine

Welcome to the first of our customer spotlights. This month we’d like to introduce you to Peter from Wire Industrial and Marine based in New South Wales, Australia. I first started to use PayNow when PayPal shut down its credit card payment solution for use by tradies. When looking for a solution, I came across PayNow.  PayNow has been a breath of fresh air. You don’t realise what a pain in the neck other payment systems are until you deal with a professional operation like this one.  I have two business avenues where I use this payment solution. I’m a plumber by

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Create instant payment links

We’ve been hard at work developing a new feature for our PayNowlink app. If you haven’t come across PayNowlink, this is PayNow’s sister app that allows you to send anyone, anywhere, an online link to process a payment. Once your customer clicks it and enters in their payment details, the job is done. In a world where the pandemic has taken so many sales and transactions online, this is the ideal way to safely process payments without worrying about in-person meet-ups. Previously this link expired after 24 hours but now this this limit is no longer the case. The link can now be

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4 Significant Mobile Payment Trends in 2017

The rise in ownership and usage of mobile devices has led to the introduction of convenient services, such as mobile payment solutions that allow users to make payment transactions via their smartphones. Mobile technology are now being used by enterprises and banks to maximise the Internet of Things to widen their market reach and provide clients with a fast and convenient payment option. By 2020, mPayment technology will be a standard mode of payment. According to research conducted by Visa, customers will be more comfortable using their mobile devices in paying at physical stores and virtual shops and could potentially

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