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October News Round-up

Welcome to the PayNow and PayNowlink October round-up of small business, EFTPOS and technology news around the world. Something you want to hear about? Let us know at [email protected] How Small Businesses Can Save the Planet Ever wanted to be an eco-warrior? Now you can! According to this article, small businesses can become net-zero enablers […]

Stripe Turns its Attention Down Under

Stripe recently announced that it’s planning to deepen product investment in the ‘dynamic’ business market in Australia. The article nods to pioneering digital payment methods and contactless developments that could change the state of play Down Under. Both PayNow and PayNowlink for Stripe offer quick, convenient, easy ways to take payments, with PayNowlink being particularly […]

Business Without Borders

A report from Stripe recently found that more businesses than ever are selling their products outside of their countries. The article notes how digital trade routes are becoming more common in a world where business is increasingly done online. With the ability to take payments in over 135 different currencies, PayNow and PayNowlink are the ideal apps […]