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How should your business accept card payments?

It is generally accepted around the world that most business will offer the option to pay for goods and services using a credit or debit card of some kind rather than handing over cash. Refusing to accept card payments could be costing you customers as the concept of a cashless society grows in popularity. The electronic funds transfer at the point of sale (EFTPOS) payment system has been around for many years and largely remains unchanged. What is changing is the number of options available to your business for accepting and processing EFTPOS transactions.  Accepting card payments has numerous benefits

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Mobile Payment Trends in 2019

The payments industry is one of the most dynamic sectors in financial services. It is continuously evolving as technology innovation develops at a rapid speed. Established players and newer financial technology firms are fighting for dominance in a transition stage where cash is becoming less popular around the world and more people are making the switch to mobile payments. Let’s take a look at some of the mobile payment trends that are emerging in 2019. Payments on every device Payments were once tied to a location via merchant machines in store, however, technology now allows them to take place on

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Frequently asked questions about mobile payments

In our modern world most people are very comfortable using their smart phone for just about anything. However when it comes to using a mobile device for digital payments they may have some concerns. These concerns may be due to a low understanding about what mobile payments are, the security of payments or how it is different to using a traditional credit card merchant facility. To give you the tools to discuss these concerns with your clients we have outlined some of the common questions you might be asked you when you offer a mobile payment option at the point

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PayNow Adds Fingerprint Login

At PayNow we are constantly looking for ways to make our mobile payments app more convenient, efficient and secure. Today, we are pleased to announce the release of fingerprint login into the PayNow app. What is Fingerprint ID? Many of the latest smartphones and devices enable Fingerprint ID which involves placing a finger or thumb on a camera sensor which registers the fingerprint on the device to allow access. This type of technology was created to protect sensitive data as is considered more robust than the traditional code access. Now when you use the PayNow app you can use Fingerprint

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The popularity rise of mobile payments

Our fast-paced, on-demand life styles are fuelling the popularity of fast and convenient mobile payments like we have never seen before. As mobile technology advances, countries all around the world are embracing mobile payments at phenomenal rates. What are mobile payments? Instead of paying for purchases via cash or physical credit cards, mobile payment technology allows you to do so digitally. Mobile payments are regulated transactions that take place digitally through a mobile device. Mobile payments can be used at physical businesses or for peer to peer transactions. At a physical business you are using a mobile device app to

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App technology for NGOs

There’s a lot of pressure for non-profit organisations to get on board the technology train, and so often that comes down to the cheerful exclamation, “Let’s create our own app!” Everything sounds great at first; the CEO is starry-eyed, your marketing guy espouses the virtues of leveraging a hot new technology, everyone is super excited at the prospect of finally being able to say, “Guess what… we have an app for that!” Continue reading

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4 Significant Mobile Payment Trends in 2017

The rise in ownership and usage of mobile devices has led to the introduction of convenient services, such as mobile payment solutions that allow users to make payment transactions via their smartphones. Mobile technology are now being used by enterprises and banks to maximise the Internet of Things to widen their market reach and provide clients with a fast and convenient payment option. By 2020, mPayment technology will be a standard mode of payment. According to research conducted by Visa, customers will be more comfortable using their mobile devices in paying at physical stores and virtual shops and could potentially

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Trash your cash, but is plastic fantastic?

Trash your cash, but is plastic fantastic? Growth in mobile smartphone payments is clear. We all know that cash is becoming more and more obsolete in this modern age where digital payment technology and apps, like PayNow for Stripe, rule the roost. In fact, recent studies show that cash purchases in developed countries such as Canada will account for as little as 10% of money spent in 2030. These trends are most noticeable in young age brackets, where as much as 47% of people say they would use a mobile wallet if it was accessible on their current phone. Consistent

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NFC on the Apple iPhone

NFC on the Apple iPhone An explanation for Mobile POS app users iPhone models from iPhone 6 forward have NFC technology built in. However, Apple’s NFC technology currently only works one way – you can SEND payments (ie Apple Pay) but you cannot RECEIVE payments (nor READ any sort of NFC tag). There’s also no current access for developers to the NFC technology on iOS. As with all things Apple, there’s plenty of debate about whether Apple will open up access to the NFC controller within the iPhone or indeed whether the iPhone 6 is even capable of reading NFC tags

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