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Stripe Turns its Attention Down Under

Stripe recently announced that it’s planning to deepen product investment in the ‘dynamic’ business market in Australia. The article nods to pioneering digital payment methods and contactless developments that could change the state of play Down Under. Both PayNow and PayNowlink for Stripe offer quick, convenient, easy ways to take payments, with PayNowlink being particularly […]

How’s your work—life balance?

The 7th of April marked World Health Day and while many of us are great at things like eating enough fruit and veg, getting exercise or going to see a doctor when we’re sick, there are still lots of other things you can do to run a business and stay healthy. The New York Post […]

The popularity rise of mobile payments

Our fast-paced, on-demand life styles are fuelling the popularity of fast and convenient mobile payments like we have never seen before. As mobile technology advances, countries all around the world are embracing mobile payments at phenomenal rates. What are mobile payments? Instead of paying for purchases via cash or physical credit cards, mobile payment technology […]